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מסירת התורה

Mesirat HaTorah

The materials will be offered to a limited number of schools interested in partnering in the production of this revolutionary curriculum during the 2018-2019 school year. For more information contact

The Background

After producing a number of educational curricula tracing the development of halacha from the sources, it became apparent that one of the primary challenges for Jewish students is relating to the fundamentals of Jewish faith and thought, and developing an understanding of our past.














Lack of appreciation of our past and the way it impacts one’s outlook on the present and future is responsible for much of the disconnect plaguing many of our students. The Mesora curriculum provides a graphic, inspiring, and thought-provoking framework for dealing with some of the most basic questions that are often left undiscussed:

  • Why is there a need for a Torah altogether?

  • Couldn’t the world have gotten along just fine without one?

  • And if there is a need for a Torah, why is it only for the Jewish people?

  • And why is it partially written, partially oral?

  • If it’s supposed to be oral, why was it ever written down? And if one’s already writing it, why not write it clearly?

For more information on joining this groundbreaking project please contact

With an aim of enabling a revolutionary breakthrough in Jewish education, this curriculum provides a historical framework for understanding Torah Judaism and the frequently un-asked, un-answered questions that students often carry with them throughout their studies.

Written with students beginning Mishna and Talmud education in mind, the curriculum uses graphics, though-provoking questions, and an innovative educational strategy to enable students to use knowledge they already have in order to begin a quest for appreciating our heritage.

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