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HESBER’s Teacher Training Workshops have enabled ideal usage of its materials by numerous schools who have taken advantage of the service.

HESBER has expanded its Teacher-Training Opportunities with options for sessions both on location as well as long distance. Prices have been lowered to enable more schools to take advantage of the opportunity.

Educational Consulting

Schools interested in taking advantage of HESBER’s experience and approach as well as its expertise in varied areas are urged to contact us at

Speaking Engagements and Scholar in Residence Opportunities

HESBER’s unique approach to educating Jewish thought and practice alongside its focus on the T.I.M.E.S., educating the fundamentals in a contemporarily relevant and educationally inspiring fashion, has also brought interesting educational concepts and lectures to communities. For more information contact  

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HESBER is a not-for profit organization dedicated to transforming Jewish education in schools and communities through providing new and exciting materials that bring Torah study to life. 


Call Us: 972-52-471-1614 (Israel),

917-728-1203 (American number on Israeli phone)

HESBER began as a division of Sulamot, formerly the Mercaz HaHalacha, founded by Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon, and we still collaborate on programming. Donations through the site will receive a receipt from Sulamot.